For more than three decades, I have dedicated my life to providing unique and successful learning experiences for students of all ages. With a bachelerate degree in Music Education, I began my teaching career in the Wyandotte Public Schools. I then completed two additional degrees: Masters of Reading and a Special Education Masters in Learning Disabilities.

My professional experiencarlaces included:

  • Provided Music Education for three schools, including six evening programs, K-6
  • Taught all grades, K-6
  • Implemented individualized reading programs at four elementary buildings
  • Conducted individualized Summer Reading Programs for Wyandotte’s 1st and 2nd graders
  • Selected to create and instruct Accelerated Kindergarten program for those in most academic need, for a total of five years
  • Conducted Special Education Resource Room for 2 years, K-6
  • Provided Special Education services and support for mainstreamed 6th grade students at Middle School for four years
  • Selected to teach Reading Resource Room classes at the Middle School for 2 years, 6th grade

It is my belief that all students are capable of learning—they just need the right combination of interventions to be successful. In 1980, I decided to launch my own business to help those students unable to learn by traditional methods. It was at this time that the concept of the LTR Reading Clinic became a reality. With my experiences and educational background, I was able to develop a program that specifically facilitated the needs of incoming students. Since my business was conducted after school hours, it was a perfect situation for all involved. In addition, students had the luxury of receiving individualized instruction on a year-round basis. Establishing open lines of communication with parents/adult students became an integral part of my program. Weekly suggestions and updates kept everyone informed. When appropriate, study tips were shared to lessen frustration at home while the student continued to make progress. The philosophy that “everyone can learn” still prevails today.

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