All of our sessions are completely individualized; one teacher per student. We want to ensure that all of our students continue to achieve literary success—one student at a time. Non-readers, remedial readers, grade-level readers, or those seeking accelerated reading experiences will definitely benefit from our professional services. It does not matter whether you are attending school; nor does it matter if you are/were receiving special education services. There is no need to bring in report cards, IEP’s, or any other paperwork.   We provide diagnostic testing to evaluate an individual’s current performance levels in reading, spelling, and mathematics; visual and auditory proficiencies are also established. Once the evaluation is completed, weekly appointments are arranged to accommodate your schedule. We offer both one and two-hour sessions.

Benefits of our program:

  • Promotes “long-term” learning and recall
  • Works for everyone (regular and special education)
  • All ages (3 through adult)
  • Accommodates specific learning styles/preferences
  • No repetitive exercises or excessive writing
  • No memorization
  • No homework


We believe that everyone can become a successful learner.

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